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We are JIT.

JIT like JUST IN TIME. “Too little, too late?” Thanks, but no, thanks!
“Too early too much?” Not a healthy choice either. Better go for “just in time” – the perfect solution at the ideal moment.Right now, for example, in this very moment, you are discovering the ideal partner for successful process automation: JIT.
JIT Workflow and Process Automation

Here is a team of experts with broad, deep expertise for your project in the fields of Workflow Automation, Process Mining and Robotics Process Automation (RPA) – expertise that has grown in countless implementation projects between 2005 and today.

Agile, flexible JIT will support you on the road to growing efficiency, competitiveness and company value – from the kick-off workshop to the prototype, from the proof from the concept to customized licensing, from installation to integration.

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Our Products

As a value added reseller, JIT supplements, adapts and combines world-leading software, creating individually customized solutions for quick, seamless integration into heterogeneous existing system landscapes. Expertise, flexibility, price transparency and a transparent communication culture make a difference.


Software Development

Our specialists for software development from all required areas work with highest responsibility agile, flexible and fast.

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Workflow Automation

Today´s success is just a confirmation of yesterday's decisions, and tomorrow's success will be the product of today´s smart improvements.

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JIT Process Mining provides you with the greatest possible transparency, using Celonis to analyze existing processes in real time.

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Robotic Process Automation

RPA provides you with tools to create your own individual software robots for automating any business process.

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Success Stories

You, too, will benefit from Just in Time project efficiency: Now is the perfect moment for shorter time-to-market, reduced costs and sustainable knowhow transfer.


Create clarity

Design processes – readable for human and machine

3 Days

For modeling


Customer service

Development costs reduced by 30%


Active processes in use

Risk minimization

Purchasing Compliance

96% perfect purchase, 86% touches Invoices


Match rate


Financial Operations

Reduction of 10 Million manual interventions

$15 Million

Annual savings


31.08.2020. 9:22 hours


We are very happy that JIT was awarded with the “New to Blue” award in the “Most Innovative Young Partner” category by IBM. Our Senior Sales Executive, Johannes Schulz and Ralf Helmel, Vice...

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21.09.2020. 11:02 hours

JIT “Open Space” Workshop

How are rising companies introducing new ways to “Increase efficiency & employee satisfaction”? Last week JIT completed it’s first “Open Space” workshop. Our Open Space workshop, simply put, encouraged all employees to actively...

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27.08.2020. 17:25 hours

Zeebe – Going into conceptual details

Author: JIT Editor

-I thought Camunda and Zeebe are pretty much the same thing-Well… not quite the same thing, there are some fundamental differences -You are not talking about the logo, are you ?-OK, we’ll have...

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27.08.2020. 17:39 hours

Zeebe – Meeting the new kid in town

Author: JIT Editor

-Zeebe is workflow engine for microservices orchestration developed by Camunda and made publicly available in late 2019.-Wait… what ? -Let’s define first what a workflow engine is, and what the concept of microservices...

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