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We are JIT.

JIT like JUST IN TIME. “Too little, too late?” Thanks, but no, thanks!
“Too early too much?” Not a healthy choice either. Better go for “just in time” – the perfect solution at the ideal moment.Right now, for example, in this very moment, you are discovering the ideal partner for successful process automation: JIT.
JIT Workflow and Process Automation

Here is a team of experts with broad, deep expertise for your project in the fields of Workflow Automation, Process Mining and Robotics Process Automation (RPA) – expertise that has grown in countless implementation projects between 2005 and today.

Agile, flexible JIT will support you on the road to growing efficiency, competitiveness and company value – from the kick-off workshop to the prototype, from the proof from the concept to customized licensing, from installation to integration.

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Our Products

As a value added reseller, JIT supplements, adapts and combines world-leading software, creating individually customized solutions for quick, seamless integration into heterogeneous existing system landscapes. Expertise, flexibility, price transparency and a transparent communication culture make a difference.


Software Development

Our specialists for software development from all required areas work with highest responsibility agile, flexible and fast.

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Workflow Automation

Today´s success is just a confirmation of yesterday's decisions, and tomorrow's success will be the product of today´s smart improvements.

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JIT Process Mining provides you with the greatest possible transparency, using Celonis to analyze existing processes in real time.

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Robotic Process Automation

RPA provides you with tools to create your own individual software robots for automating any business process.

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Success Stories

You, too, will benefit from Just in Time project efficiency: Now is the perfect moment for shorter time-to-market, reduced costs and sustainable knowhow transfer.


Create clarity

Design processes – readable for human and machine

3 Days

For modeling


Customer service

Development costs reduced by 30%


Active processes in use

Risk minimization

Purchasing Compliance

96% perfect purchase, 86% touches Invoices


Match rate


Financial Operations

Reduction of 10 Million manual interventions

$15 Million

Annual savings




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