BPMN Error Handling Mechanism – Dealing with many errors in a process

10.09.2021. | Author: JIT

Errors are inherently part of software development. They can happen because of several reasons. One common definition of a software error is a mismatch between the program and its...

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Company insights – the teams behind JIT

12.08.2021. | Author: Melissa Pürstinger

If you’re an attentive reader of our blog posts you might have already noticed that the topics and projects the people of JIT are working on are quite diverse....

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Ruby external task worker

29.07.2021. | Author: Maximilian Kamenicky

“The value of a system is often defined by how well it integrates with other systems” The best software is limited if you cannot integrate it with existing frameworks....

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REST Schnittstelle von Camunda Plattform in External Java Service Tasks aufrufen

15.07.2021. | Author: Maximilian Kamenicky

Erfahren Sie mehr darüber, wie man mit Camunda REST-Webservices aufrufen und nutzen kann. In dieser Blog-Serie zeigt Ihnen unser Experte zwei unterschiedliche Möglichkeiten um dieses Ziel zu erreichen.Der erste...

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E-mail incident notification plugin: A custom made Camunda plugin protection against Murphy’s law

01.07.2021. | Author: Dmitrii Pisarenko

Did you know that… In December 2018, more than 30 million users of a British mobile phone operator lost access to data services due to a software failure. Another...

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How to programmatically validate BPMN models

17.06.2021. | Author: Dmitrii Pisarenko

Did it happen to you? Someone makes a minor change to the BPMN model, then, when the system is deployed the next time, the deployment fails because Camunda thinks...

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Connect Excel and DMN

07.06.2021. | Author: Clemens Zumpf

Entering hundreds of lines into any program by hand is not the most satisfying work and a waste of time, if you consider the fact that Excel or other...

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Consume REST Services in Camunda via Java Service Tasks

31.05.2021. | Author: Maximilian Kamenicky

Learn more about HOW you can call and consume REST Webservices with Camunda. In this blog series, our expert will show you 2 ways to accomplish this. This videoblog...

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Gaps in the automation age

13.05.2021. | Author: Gerardo Manzano

Creative solutions and approaches are needed to enable any person to seize new opportunities in the automation age, without them, groups at disadvantage may fall behind in the world...

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Running a Camunda Meetup Group: Vienna

26.03.2021. | Author: Maximilian Kamenicky

Ever wondered what it is like to host a meetup? If you consider organizing a community project like that, it can help to get some insights on what to...

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