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Camunda Community extension plugin

Dear Camunda Community,

We have developed a plugin for the engine, and, after checking the state of the art, we see there is nothing like it yet. 

Therefore, we want to contribute to the Camunda Community by making it available as a Community extension plugin.

What does the plugin do?

It notifies via email or by other configurable means when an incident happens in any given process instance. 

In short an email alert mechanism for incidents.

Why is this plugin important?

The idea came about because this is a highly demanded feature, that does not work out of the box in Camunda. 

The implementation is novel, meaning, there is not yet anything like this, our plugin is already developed and ready-to-use.

Advantages of using this plugin

It can be used as a base for a more complex plugin, however, without any development effort, it works fine after integration. It can be used for any prototype or a spike when things have to be tested or used in the proof of concepts, but again, it is production-ready.

Very important

This plugin does not have to be confused with the existing one: camunda-bpm-mail integration, in that plugin, the integration is done in service tasks and built on top of the Connectors API. Our plugin is an extension of an Incident Listener, and it basically collects information from incidents and sends emails out.

written by

Eni Sinanaj & Gerardo Manzano

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