18.02.2021. | Autor: Dmitrii Pisarenko

3 new great tech features of Camunda Optimize 3.3.0

Learn more about the latest Updates from JIT’s favorite Workflow Automation Tool by Camunda. Our Expert will show you the 3 most important new features in Camunda Optimize.

Camunda Optimize supports continuous process and decision table improvement by providing transparency into your automated processes and decisions. Business-friendly reports and dashboards, as well as alerts, help you to identify process bottlenecks and improve your overall end-to-end process. 

Usefull Links:
Learn more about JIT and Workflow Automation
Download the Camunda Optimizer 3.3.0 Sheet
Camunda Optimizer 3.3.0 Official Release Note

Video by Dmitrii Pisarenko
JIT Developer

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