REST Schnittstelle von Camunda Plattform via Java Service Task aufrufen

31.05.2021. | Autor: Maximilian Kamenicky

Erfahren Sie mehr darüber, wie man mit Camunda REST-Webservices aufrufen und nutzen kann. In dieser Blog-Serie zeigt Ihnen unser Experte zwei unterschiedliche Möglichkeiten um dieses Ziel zu erreichen. Der...

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Gaps in the automation age

13.05.2021. | Autor: Gerardo Manzano

Creative solutions and approaches are needed to enable any person to seize new opportunities in the automation age, without them, groups at disadvantage may fall behind in the world...

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Running a Camunda Meetup Group: Vienna

26.03.2021. | Autor: Maximilian Kamenicky

Ever wondered what it is like to host a meetup? If you consider organizing a community project like that, it can help to get some insights on what to...

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First Day at Work

18.03.2021. | Autor: Sebastian Schmid

This is a story about my way to the Camunda Certified Engineer while working at „J-IT“ IT-Dienstleistungs GesmbH. As you can imagine, the very first thing to do when...

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Log collectors — How to set them up

04.03.2021. | Autor: Eni Sinanaj

Requirements All the log collectors tried below will be using Elasticsearch as the backend system and Kibana as it’s web interface. Installed Elasticsearch and KibanaElasticsearch as a storage for...

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Producing code like the PROs

25.02.2021. | Autor: Eni Sinanaj

The importance of TDD (Test-Driven Development) Test-driven development is a methodology for software development that relies on the repetition of a short development cycle. Read more about TDD in...

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3 new great tech features of Camunda Optimize 3.3.0

18.02.2021. | Autor: Dmitrii Pisarenko

Learn more about the latest Updates from JIT’s favorite Workflow Automation Tool by Camunda. Our Expert will show you the 3 most important new features in Camunda Optimize. Camunda Optimize...

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Automation opportunities and implementation in Business. Field observations.

16.02.2021. | Autor: Gerardo Manzano

Automation solutions and projects are growing at a very rapid pace in the last couple of years, and they are clearly becoming a priority for business given the current...

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Deployment-aware process engines

11.02.2021. | Autor: jit-admin

Situation In heterogenous camunda clusters not all of the deployed process engines might contain the same process applications; some process engines may be unable to execute certain process definitions...

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Working with TDD

27.01.2021. | Autor: Eni Sinanaj

Best practices, naming conventions, processes to keep in mind, development practices and tools to use for a complete tested/testable environment. Naming conventions • Separate implementation from test codeBenefits: avoids...

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