The new generation of automation – flexible, open, transparent.

Open interfaces, easy legibility, comprehensible workflows – our automation solutions grow alongside your company.

  • How can I identify bottlenecks in my company and
  • automate daily tasks and workflows at short notice?
  • How can I detect problems with workflows automatically and in real time?
  • How can my employees’ workload be quickly and easily reduced?
  • How can I shift my working capital to focus more heavily on the development of new businesses without losing existing businesses?
  • How can I make workflows legible for all my colleagues and employees?

If you have ever asked yourself one of these questions, keep reading.

We understand the demands placed on modern companies and support you in capitalizing on automation in order to take a major step towards the future. The more complex the processes within a company become, the more difficult it is to identify bottlenecks. We help you to track your processes in real time – finding and pointing out potential bottlenecks and other problematic areas in a fully automated manner.

We come up with solutions that are individually tailored to your company and its structures. These solutions are implemented step by step and are integrated into your existing systems. This allows us to detect key problems in a very short time, considerably increase the output of individual processes and increase both efficiency and quality in one go. 

The major difference to the current approach of process automation: we deliberately set store by open standards and systems that can be easily scaled and adapted. This creates automation solutions that are simpler to change and understand, and can thus also be more easily transferred.

Our Success

More time for the things that count.

By automating individual recurring tasks using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) we permanently take a load off your employees’ shoulders in the workplace. These newly created capacities can give your company a considerable competitive edge. Your employees are no longer stifled and are able to dedicate their energy where it is more urgently needed.  

Uncover hidden knowledge.

We use process mining to discover the weak points in your processes. We then utilize this data to streamline and automateprocesses. Thanks to standardized workflow automation, this establishes systems that are easy to read for both people and electronic systems. The transparent, structured design as well as additional aids such as graphic dashboards and modelling toolsmake it easy to maintain our solutions in everyday life. Procedures as well as errors can be quickly comprehended, and changes to the system can also be easily retraced.

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    Unsere Produkte


    Robotic Process Automation

    Als Certified Partner von Automation Anywhere unterstützt Sie JIT bei der Automatisierung von Businessprozessen. Software-Bots machen Automatisierung so einfach, mühelos skalierbar und fehlersicher wie nie zuvor.

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    Robotic Process Automation

    RPA provides you with tools to create your own individual software robots for automating any business process.

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    Als Certified Partner von Celonis, dem Weltmarktführer im Bereich Process Mining, bietet Ihnen JIT Softwarelösungen, die Geschäftsprozesse in real-time auf Basis von Systemdaten objektiv visualisieren.

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    JIT Process Mining provides you with the greatest possible transparency, using Celonis to analyze existing processes in real time.

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