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Be it process automation, process mining or workflow automation – we help our clients to solve real problems.

Our comprehensive know-how in the field of process automation comes, for the most part, from our years of providing support to major clients. Our problem-solving competence, which we have worked hard to achieve over the years, is what sets us apart and is the reason for the outstanding reputation enjoyed by JIT today as an experienced automation specialist. In the areas of system integration, workflow automationand the automation of work processes especially, we have taken the lead in the industry with our innovative strength and pioneering spirit. A fundamental factor in our success is the close cooperation with our partners IBM, Camunda and Celonis, who give us the tools we need to keep coming up with new, creative and efficient solutions to the problems faced by our clients.

We take long-term business relations as confirmation of our tireless efforts.

Thorsten Guggenberger (CEO)

Magenta Telekom Austria

Since 2014, we have been working on bringing the outdated workflow systems of Magenta up to speed with the latest technology. Working in close collaboration, we weighed up various options in advance and ultimately decided on Camunda Enterprise. Bit by bit, we thus gradually replaced the original workflow in Oracle and various rigid workflow solutions.

Joint presentation with Magenta on the Camunda Roadshow 2019

A1 Telekom Austria AG

The end of 2019 saw the start of the pilot project to put the workflow engine by Camunda to test at A1. At the beginning of 2020, the decision was then taken to implement this solution on a larger scale. The team came up with a concept for a competence centre that would deal with process mining, Robotic Process Automation and workflow automation. Looking back, we are particularly proud of the design and implementation of the CI/CD pipeline concept within a cross-functional team. The selection of the right licence based on the unique needs of A1, as well as the adaptation thereof in the further course of the coming year, was exemplary.

DC Bank AG 

For almost two entire decades now, we have been supporting the very strong IT team at DC Bank. Whether working on a database project, the development of micro-services or system integration – the close cooperation with the specialists at DC Bank has been consistently productive and has helped us to continue expanding upon our strengths. The life cycle strategy for software that is implemented here has proven its worth for over 20 years.

Kapsch Business Com 

One of our youngest clients – we have been supporting Kapsch since the middle of 2020 and have helped the company to find the right licence to suit its needs. We organise workshops and training sessions for Kapsch in the area of process modelling, development and DevOps. A pilot project designed to optimise the provision of services and tools to Kapsch customers is currently underway. Here, we rely on workflow automation that builds upon existing technical infrastructure in order to carry out tasks.

PWC Germany 

PWC is setting new standards with regard to the use of Camunda for decision management. For us, the opportunity to contribute our expertise as part of a top-level, cross-functional team was a highly interesting task that was full of variety. The joint development of a powerful, decision-oriented, state-of-the-art solution for PWC is a project that still fills us with pride today.

Santander Consumer Bank

For Santander, we took over the maintenance, adaptation and development of various third-party systems. In doing so, we worked closely with the risk department, among others, to provide insight reports on the operating business. As part of a cross-functional team, we are working with the IT department at Santander on several projects concerning system integration and migration, as well as a range of upgrade projects.

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Our specialists for software development from all required areas work with highest responsibility agile, flexible and fast.

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Workflow Automation

Today´s success is just a confirmation of yesterday's decisions, and tomorrow's success will be the product of today´s smart improvements.

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JIT Process Mining provides you with the greatest possible transparency, using Celonis to analyze existing processes in real time.

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RPA provides you with tools to create your own individual software robots for automating any business process.

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