The Camunda Visualizer makes it possible to synchronise any Camunda process and then analyse it with Celonis.

  • Synchronise any Camunda processes with Celonis
  • Easy, rapid installation and configuration
  • Centralisation of all process analyses
  • Real-time analyses of your Camunda workflows

Good to know.

If you already rely on the process mining solution by Celonis and also use Camunda to automate your workflows, you should definitely take a look at the Camunda visualiser in the Celonis store. The Camunda visualiser, which was developed by JIT, represents an important interface between Camunda and Celonis. It enables you to analyse all of your Camunda workflows in real time in Celonis.

All threads come together in one central location.

Every single process that is submitted to Celonis is represented by a separate Celonis process miningdashboard that makes it easy for you to obtain a rapid overview. This central compilation of all process analyses gives you immediate insight into the real-time performance data of your processes and access to your KPIs.

Installed in the blink of an eye.

Configuring the Camunda Visualizer could hardly be easier. We carry out the few steps required for installation together with you, whereupon you then have immediate access to your process data taken from Camunda. This data, in turn, can be nested as you wish and prepared according to target group and desired degree of detail. For example, using specially filtered, detailed lists for accounting and other departments, or graphically converted into a pie chart to provide a quick overview for the CFO.

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