Efficient Automation
for Sustainable Business Growth

Scale your business efficiently with our cutting-edge automation solutions.

Equip your team with essential BPMN modeling and low-code skills, enabling business analysts to create and modify process automation effortlessly.

Identify and prioritize processes for automation based on ROI calculations, ensuring valuable resource allocation.

Our solutions emphasize continuous improvement and are designed for quick deployment, easy maintenance, and change flexibility, paving the way for sustainable growth and increased operational efficiency. 

Our #prozessmacher services

We streamline automation, simplifying processes so you can focus on what to improve, not just how to automate.

Achieve rapid outcomes & value

Streamline your automation path

Invest smart with a clear focus on ROI

Master BPMN & automation with expert courses

How we increase returns and efficiency

01 Potential analysis

Enhance your ROI with our consulting services. We analyze and identify top automation opportunities for maximum profitability.

02 BPMN Training

Enhance your team’s efficiency and gain a competitive edge with our BPMN training—because a picture is worth a thousand words in process improvement.

03 Process factory

Send us your BPMN model and process description. JIT builds it independently, delivering ready-to-integrate source code and artifacts to you.

04 Low Code Training
for Business Analysts

Empower your business analysts with our low-code training. They’ll learn to create and modify automated processes quickly, reducing development time and boosting efficiency.

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