Training for the best

In our training sessions, you receive comprehensive know-how regarding everything to do with process automation. Our online training courses prepare you in all knowledge areas you need to excel and successfully implement process automation projects with BPMN and Camunda. From the fundamentals to advanced topics, in a comprehensive way and with a hands-on approach.

BPMN Fundamentals

The purpose of these courses is to provide you with the necessary knowledge to understand and model business processes using the standard notation BPMN 2.0. They are the best way to start off your journey with automation, and enable you to use BPMN independently from the BPMN vendor of your choice.

Camunda Developer Trainings

Your first point of contact for professional BPMN and Camunda training courses. We are the only company in Austria that offers the courses “Camunda BPM for Java Developers and Camunda BPM DevOps with a Camunda certificate”. Our training sessions contain everything you need in order to successfully implement your own process automation projects using BPMN and Camunda.

Learn more about process automation and the use of the tools available on the market.

A large part of the expertise of our team of specialists comes from the implementation of projects for our customers. One thing quickly becomes clear to you: No matter how deeply you have already immersed yourself in the subject, read texts on it or watched video how-tos – reality always has new surprises and problems in store that need to be solved. The great value of our trainings is therefore that we can convey the essence of our practical experience from process automation and workflow automation to you in addition to the theoretical basics.

From the basics to advanced content

Whether online or on-site – our courses provide you with easy-to-understand up-to-date content on all aspects of process automation. It is our goal to provide you with the necessary skills to develop new solutions yourself and to integrate them into the environment of your company. Our learning content is very practice-oriented and shows the functionality of a software or a specific feature using examples that come directly from real company processes. Best practices and recommendations are designed to help you avoid the worst stumbling blocks during implementation.

Training Dates