Design, automate and optimize business processes in your company with Camunda 8.

Business and IT Design together, automate on enterprise level and improve processes continuously.

Experience the new Camunda 8 Platform live!

Get a remote JIT #Prozessmacher who will show you in an individual demo what makes Camunda 8 so exciting. Openly discuss version differences in a hands-on manner and clarify any unanswered questions.

Book your individual C7toC8 Change Workshop!

In three days we will take your current status, share experiences, analyze and plan your change to Camunda 8. Here is the workshop in detail.

Practical Camunda trainings for your developers!

As a Platinum Partner of Camunda we offer individual trainings for Camunda Platform 7 and 8 for your software developers and IT architects.


4 Steps for a successful transition from Camunda 7 to Camunda 8.


Get familiar with Camunda 8

Everyone should know what the change will entail. How does the collaboration between business and IT work in the new web modeler? Which BPMN symbols are currently supported? What are the advantages of the new workflow engine Zebee? What does cloud-native mean? How do you work with the new Console? What do the improved audit trails look like? How do you work with the new connectors? Ask yourself these questions and let our colleagues support you.


Consider the technical aspects

Do you know what technical aspects to consider before migrating from Camunda 7 to Camunda 8? From the conceptual differences between the two versions to the design of the APIs, it is important that you are familiar with the technical details.

Check out Bernd Rückert’s blog post “What to do When You Can’t Quickly Migrate to Camunda 8” for an overview of the technical aspects of migration.

Read the documentation, which includes information on the conceptual differences between Camunda 7 and Camunda 8.

Check architecture compatibility

Ensure that your current Camunda 7 architecture is compatible with Camunda 8. Spring Boot, Tomcat, WildFly, CDI, NodeJS, or C# – Whatever environment you’ve chosen to run Camunda 7 in, it’s important to consider compatibility with Camunda 8. Again, take a look at the Camunda guide and the links it contains.

Book your individual C7toC8 Change Workshop!

Questions remain and you hesitate? In two days we take your current status, share experiences, analyze, plan your change to Camunda 8 and provide you with the necessary security.


Choose your hosting preference

Do you rely on SaaS or do you decide to host Camunda 8 yourself? What are your options?

Camunda hosts. No technical setup or installation.

SaaS is the easiest way to get started. Camunda Platform 8 SaaS is optimized for resiliency, latency, and security..

Ready for Camunda 8 SaaS?

1. If you are already using Camunda 7 in the Enterprise variant, feel free to make an appointment here to discuss details on how to set up SaaS.

2. Are you previously using the Community Edition, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial of Camunda 8 here. If you would like to learn more about becoming an enterprise customer, please contact us here as well.

Self-managed. Download, install and set up on your own infrastructure.

Self-managed allows you to host on your own hardware or cloud instance. This is a good option for those who need to run systems on their infrastructure for compliance reasons and have the expertise to run cloud-native applications. This means performance, security, uptime, redundancy and resource allocation must be managed by your team..

Self-managed is the right way for you?

First, visit Camunda’s download page. Best practices for self-managed environments can be found here.

We are happy to support you with the technical implementation of your self-managed variant.


Train yourself and your team

Do you and your team have the required developer and operational skills to migrate to Camunda 8?

Access freely available courses from Camunda Academy to gain new skills and familiarize yourself with Camunda 8. Choose from courses like “Platform Overview and News”. The technologies required if you want to self-host can be viewed here and here.

If you want to establish further knowledge about BPMN in your company, take advantage of our offer for a customized BPMN 2.0 training or one of our courses for Camunda developers.

Book your C7toC8 Change Workshop!

In three days we take your current status, share experiences, analyze and plan your change to Camunda 8.

We turn you into a #Prozessmacher and give you everything you need to design, automate and improve your first process.

Our #Camunda7to8 workshop in detail:

Target audience:

Current users of Camunda 7

Initial situation:

The desire to change is concrete and current.


  • Individual Hands-On Change Workshop
    • Version differences
    • demo session
    • As-is analysis of a sample process
    • Change planning incl. effort estimation and discussion of possible next steps

C7toC8 Workshop deliverables:

  • Clarification of technical issues and challenges when switching.
  • Certainty in the decision for a change
  • Planning of concrete implementation steps


We would be happy to talk to you about your way from Camunda 7 to Camunda 8.

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