Product best fit quick check

Which is the right solution for me?

Each company is faced with a completely unique set of problems – we help you find the right answer to these problems.

We have a comprehensive arsenal of tools at our disposal, with which we find the right answer to practically every process-related problem within a company. Most notably, these include the systems provided by our closest partners IBM, Celonis and Camunda. Celonis stands for award-winning software for process mining, Camunda represents the transparent organisation of workflows based on BPMN 2.0, and IBM is synonymous with intelligent RPA (Robotic Process Automation).

Finding the right path together.

In order to find out which of our tools are best suited to support you and your company, we offer a compact, 4-hour consulting workshop specially designed for this purpose. This workshop includes specific potential solutions for the most common challenges with which modern companies are confronted in today’s market in terms of efficiency and competitiveness. Within the half-day event, we can thus choose which are the most important and pressing issues and what resources we can use to solve them.

A small step for a project leader, but a giant step for his or her company.

Are you seeking a concrete solution to a problem in your company? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We actively support you in using the most advanced solutions in the area of process automation and process mining to your advantage. Without long lead times, we work with you to develop and implement flexible, scalable solutions that do away with bottlenecks in your company and give you the time you need to concentrate on the fundamental challenges of your company.

Licence, best price guaranteed

Our best price guarantee for your licences.

Thanks to our close partnership with our partners IBM, Camunda and Celonis, we are able to offer you excellent conditions..

Our promise: with us, you receive the licences for the products used by us at the same or even better prices than when purchasing directly from the manufacturer. An unbeatable package – we offer you competent professional consultation, rapid system integration and, what’s more, the licences of the leading products on the market at best prices.

Outstanding software, implemented effectively.

We work day in and day out to solve real problems in companies using process automation, workflow optimisation and process mining. This practical experience has led to a far-reaching cooperation between us and the manufacturers, since they rely on the experience we have gained from practical application in order to keep improving their products. This is why we receive particularly good conditions for the corresponding licences – a benefit that we pass on to you.

Increase your company’s efficiency.

Do you feel you are constantly trying to drive with the handbrake on? Has everyone lost the overview of how exactly yourworkflows currently even work, or do you want to become independent from a certain supplier? We are happy to support you in setting up your workflows so that they are transparent, easily legible and understandable. With JIT, you will receive the necessary licences to do so at the best possible price – you have our word on this.