CX professionals

Problem-solving from a bird’s-eye view.

Your company counts on you. Only once you have the right overview are you able to identify possibilities for improving processes and increasing the performance of departments.

  • Identify bottlenecks automatically with process mining
  • Automate recurring tasks
  • Define easily legible workflows in BPMN 2.0

In order to reach one’s goal, it is first essential to know where one currently stands. Give your company the ultimate overview – detailed analyses of your processes via process mining provides you with the opportunity to detect patterns and to focus on the primary topics in a targeted manner. In this way, you are able to achieve massive improvements within a very short space of time – e.g. the optimisation of your incoming payments or shortened lead times thanks to a better purchasing process.

Save time for the truly tricky tasks.

In many companies, monotonous recurring jobs take up all the time of your best specialists and skilled staff. However, the know-how and capabilities of these staff members would be put to far better use if solving pivotal problems. Processes are incorporated directly on the desktop and can simply be “played back”. In this way, recurring tasks are automated and valuable human resources are freed up. And all of this within the time scale of a few weeks rather than several months.

Legible for humans and machines.

Workflows grow; they become larger, more complex and ever more unmanageable over time. The solution to this problem is to use a universal language that is equally legible for both people as well as machines. The use of BPMN 2.0 and tools developed by us enables mapped processes and changes made to these processes to be viewed in a transparent, traceable manner.

IT management

Stay connected.

The modern process automation as part of the BPMN 2.0 standard facilitates communication with other departments and specialist divisions.

  • Consistent, legible specification of workflows via BPMN 2.0
  • Improve communication, avoid misunderstandings
  • Reorganize the support and ticketing
  • View details of critical processes at any time

In recent years, the demands made of IT departments have changed drastically. Flexibility and agile, short-term adaptation to new circumstances are at the forefront of today’s landscape. For IT management, this environment means that constant, ongoing change is the new norm. Fulfilling these demands is easier when everyone involved speaks the same language.

We understand one another.

Business processes that are designed in accordance with BPMN 2.0 are easy to read – by both man and machine alike. This increases the efficiency of communication and prevents misunderstanding. In this way, the stage is set for the creation of transparent, easily understandable workflows that represent an ideal foundation for comprehensible ticketing and well-structured support at all levels. Modern IT philosophies such as DevOps and BPMN 2.0 complement each other perfectly.

Never lose the overview again.

When it really matters, you need to have an overview. A centrally controlled, graphically supported application allows you to view all processes and the associated details at all times. The benefits of this simplicity truly shine when it comes to the analysis of tickets, giving you the opportunity to react swiftly.

Getting started is easy.

We understand that your IT department is expected to develop effective solutions that can be rapidly and easily integrated. If you wish, we are happy to support you in replacing old workflow solutions step by step.


The crucial competitive edge.

Discover the powerful tools used by market leaders – make use of process mining and machine learning in order to work successfully.

  • Reibungsverluste in Prozessen
  • Automatically identify “friction losses” in processes
  • Keep track of KPIs at all times
  • Keep your data “clean” easily
  • Automate manual tasks

Accounting firms at the leading edge of the market set store by service orchestration and real-time compliance management in order to guarantee scalability and remain competitive. What is essential for these strategies is the conversion to automated processes and the ongoing data cleaning of the operational data.

Release the brakes.

The process mining carried out by our partner Celonis is a powerful tool for identifying and remedying friction losses in your processes. It allows you to gradually reduce or eliminate inefficient processes as well as manual, repetitive error correction. The use of AI and machine learning enables you to resolve problems early on. The ongoing monitoring of your processes that are structured and organized in this way supports you in keeping a constant overview of your KPIs.

Time to take care of what really matters.

The efficient automation of work processes that were previously carried out manually frees up extra capacities. Resources that you can now divert to the procedures that really matter within your company. For your customers, the increasing automationmeans that many processes are completed more quickly and your employees are able to dedicate more time to them. The goal is a consistently optimized system of financial administration and a significantly improved customer experience.


Purchasing with a double safety net.

The process automation in accordance with BPMN 2.0 helps you to handle purchasing processes and tenders swiftly and securely.

  • Automatic error checking for tenders
  • Effectively control leverage effects
  • Minimize purchasing risks
  • Reduce decision-making time for tenders

The larger and more complicated tenders become, the more challenging it is to keep an overview of all the intricacies and details. There are precisely defined specifications, and yet with increasing complexity, there is a high risk that product or component details are overlooked even during the early phases of a tender. This can impair your margin as well as your delivery strategy. Here, easily legible process workflows create clarity, ensure the observance of compliance rules and minimize purchasing risks.

The assurance that nothing is overlooked.

Even subtle errors during the tender process can lead to grave consequences in subsequent stages. With clear processes that are recorded in an easily legible manner, such risks can be minimized completely automatically, and leverage effects precisely maximized or controlled. Workflows that are defined using BPMN 2.0 can be read equally well by people and by electronic systems. A decision management system that builds on this offers great conditions for avoiding problems and strengthens the entire purchasing team.

React faster and make use of good opportunities.

With the help of automation, the decision-making time required to select a provider can be considerably reduced. Despite this faster reaction time, the risks do not increase; quite the opposite, in fact. To provide an example, a specialized software engine could check a supplier’s required documents fully automatically during a tender, thus unburdening and supporting your purchasing team.

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