We are the robots.

With the help of Robotic Process Automation, you are able to quickly and easily automate simple tasks.

  • Automate simple tasks
  • Short development times
  • High degree of scalability
  • High cost efficiency
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction of errors in work sequences

When employees end up repeating the same tasks and sequences day in and day out, this is not only frustrating, but also inefficient. Often, these types of jobs are so monotonous and easy that the creativity, intelligence and motivation of your valuable employees goes completely to waste. This is precisely where RPA comes into play, making it possible to simply automate whichever business processes you wish using “bots”. This frees up your employees’ valuable time so that they can focus on things that will really propel your company forward.

Robotic Process Automation is really that easy.

Automation Anywhere, the RPA solution makes the automation of workflowsparticularly easy. The creation, administration and control of your bots is centrally organised in a classic hub-and-spoke architecture model and consists of three main components: Bot Creators, the Control Room and Bot Runners. You can easily create bots with the help of the tools from IBM, and then deploy these to carry out the tasks assigned by you.

Stay flexible.

One huge advantage of RPA is its scalability – depending on the current demand, you can use more or fewer RPA bots. In doing so, you not only take a burden off your employees, but also reduce the error rate in the course of your processes. As a result of our many years of hands-on experience and close collaboration with Automation Anywhere, we are able to offer you not only our expertise, but also Automation Anywhere software licences at best prices.e.

Success Stories


Create clarity

Design processes – readable for human and machine

3 Days

For modeling


Customer service

Development costs reduced by 30%


Active processes in use


Financial Operations

Reduction of 10 Million manual interventions

$15 Million

Annual savings

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