Automation is our passion.

With each problem that we were able to solve for our clients, we ourselves grew and evolved.

Since 2005, we have realised countless implementation projects for our clients. Right from the start, the company was backed by people who were passionate about the new possibilities offered by automation technology, and who wanted to find out what it can do. Today, at JIT you will find a well-coordinated team of experts that possesses a broad, substantiated wealth of specialist knowledge, which in turn is heavily influenced by our shared practical experience.

Heinz Schmölzer @ IC Projektentwicklung GmbH

Our Success

Our passion – getting the very most out of powerful tools.

For us, the software offered by our partner companies IBM, Celonis and Camunda is more than just a tool – we are truly enthusiastic about it. Over the years, we have gained extensive practical knowledge and have thus learned how to implement these products in order to solve the pressing problems of efficiency faced by many large companies today. We advise our clients as to how they can grow as a company and provide their customers with an even better experience by automating tasks that were previously carried out manually, by eliminating bottlenecks in their workflows, and by continuously evaluating process data.

History is being written today.

We are not resting on our laurels. We view our numerous successful projects in system integration, process automation, workflow automation and process mining above all as a preparation for our future endeavours. Technology is rapidly advancing and waits for no-one. This is why we make sure that we are always continuing to evolve so that we can continue to offer our clients that which JIT stands for today: high-end automation solutions that make the absolute most of all the possibilities offered by technology in order to increase the efficiency of companies and thus make them even more successful.