The full power of process mining.

The process mining software by market leader Celonis helps you to automatically record the data regarding your processes and utilise this to optimise these processes.

  • Analyse data from your processes in real time
  • Automatically discover bottlenecks in processes
  • Improve the efficiency of business processes
  • Discover potential problems early on
  • Keep a constant eye on KPIs

Visualize workflows

Workflows within a company can be highly complex and hard to comprehend. Often, they involve countless variables that change and influence each other so rapidly that it becomes impossible for one person to keep a complete overview. Can you imagine being able to see acute problems, bottlenecks or opportunities to increase efficiency all at a glance? The software by our partner Celonis can do precisely this for you. 

Discover here the best in class A/B testing with our Camunda Visualizer

The X-ray glasses for your business processes.

With process mining, your actual processes and workflows can be digitally mapped, and the data from these processes can be recorded and analysed. This is the exciting part: the process mining platform by Celonis examines your data from log files and many other sources, and uses this to create analyses in real time. In this way, you receive fully automatic notifications as to where you can improve the performance of your work sequences or where processes are potentially not being executed in a compliant manner.

Make the most of concentrated experience in process mining for your company.

We are happy to help you implement process mining by Celonis in your company and to get the very most out of it. Alongside IBM and Camunda, Celonis is one of our most important partner companies. This is why we are able to offer you the licence for the products by Camunda at the best possible price – i.e. at the same or an even better price than from the manufacturer.

Success Stories


Create clarity

Design processes – readable for human and machine

3 Days

For modeling


Customer service

Development costs reduced by 30%


Active processes in use


Financial Operations

Reduction of 10 Million manual interventions

$15 Million

Annual savings

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