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Since 2013, for more than a decade, we have used Camunda to optimize digital transformation in large and medium-sized companies through efficient, standardized, and flexible process solutions.

Our Process Factory offers a crucial competitive advantage by enabling customized automation for rapid market launches and scaling.

We guarantee a rapid Time to Value and sustainably increase corporate value through ROI-based automation solutions, creating clear added value for all stakeholders.

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In just 10 days, we will deliver convincing initial results – guaranteed. If you are facing digital transformation and are still hesitating because you don’t know what the first step might look like, let’s talk.

Our Case Studies:


Challenge: Although the processes were documented at an old level, they were not lived and did not always comply with the BPMN 2.0 standard. As a result, they were also not automated.

“We had to present quick and, above all, convincing results. That’s exactly what happened”

Team Leader IT Project and Process Management

envia TEL

Starting position: A self-developed workflow engine based on Oracle is to be replaced by a state of the art BPMN process automation.

“It’s very impressive what has been created in such a short time.”

Ralf Güttler,
Head of Information Management

A1 Telekom Austria

The aim of the first project was to standardize the documentation of internal planning processes. With BPMN, a common standard was found that could be read by both man and machine.

A1 is now building a Center of Excellence in order to use Camunda more intensively in other areas of the company for process automation.

Here you can find the entire presentation and further information on our case study with A1 Telekom Austria.

T-Mobile Austria / Magenta.at

Our Challenge: Search for a new workflow system. Existing product was cost-intensive, proprietary, without support, difficult to maintain and inflexible.

“When you want to sell a license, you make a lot of promises, all of which have been kept.”

Björn Klinger | Group Leader IT Delivery Management, T-Mobile Austria

Here you can find the entire presentation and further information on our case study with T-Mobile Austria.

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